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To best understand the value of Fractional Marketing Services, we must first ensure we are speaking the same language. In the middle market Private Equity world, the terms “Marketing” and “Business Development” are often used interchangeably, and incorrectly so. Business Development is part of Marketing, but not all Marketing is Business Development. In its simplest form, Marketing initiates and maintains brand awareness and image, and attracts leads into the company. Business Development works directly with prospects and clients (aka deal sources) to turn those leads into qualified opportunities. The two work together, certainly—to succeed, they must be seamlessly integrated—but they are not the same.

Alinea does not replace your Business Development efforts—we are complimentary to and integrated with them—making this valuable group of Biz Dev professionals better armed in this competitive marketplace with more leads on which to convert.

Alinea offers Fractional Marketing Services along four service lines, all of which impact the Marketing needs of middle market Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, Investment Banks, and Private Companies selling into them.

Monthly Retained Marketing Services

Part-Time, Fractional Marketing Services at a cost less than a full-time Analyst or Marketing Coordinator.

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Monthly Retained Marketing Services

  • All services related to supporting (or initiating) strategy, planning, tactics, and activity execution in all marketing-related areas for your firm, such as: website; digital (and other) marketing and advertising; collaterals; writing content; email marketing (including drip marketing); press releases; SEO; conference support; corporate identity; etc. We can even manage both your current internal and external marketing resources, if you have any. The complete scope of our work is defined with clients prior to starting.
  • Typically, time spent with a retained client ranges from 15- to 20-hours per month.
  • Monthly retainer fees are dependent on the size and complexity of your organization, the number and strategies of your funds, the current status of your marketing efforts, and the length of our Alinea partnership.

Marketing Audit & Planning Services

To fully craft a going-forward Marketing plan, even if it is your first, middle market firms must assess where they currently stand with their Full-Funnel Marketing efforts. 

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Marketing Audit & Planning Services

  • In a thorough Marketing Audit, we evaluate all aspects of a client’s “Full Funnel” marketing arsenal. We identify what is working, what is not, and what is missing. This is a great first step in a client’s relationship with Alinea, as we will know exactly the shape of the marketing platform with which you (and we) are working.

  • As an option, Alinea can also use the results of this audit to craft a written Marketing Plan, which can then form the basis of our execution of our Monthly Retained Marketing Services, as previously outlined.

  • Project-based fees.

  • 4–5-week delivery timeframe.

New Fund Launch Services

For inaugural or follow-on Private Equity funds and Independent
Sponsors. A package of services necessary to make the biggest splash with your new
fund introduction.

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New Fund Launch Services

  • Alinea offers a package of services necessary to make the biggest splash with your new fund introduction. We can collaborate with you during the pre-marketing phase for your fund, or even after fundraising has commenced. A fresh look married with targeted Marketing campaigns can enable you to be best prepared when you are ready to launch and can assist along the way if you already have.
  • 6 and 12-month projects.
  • Fees based on fund size, number, stage, and strategy.
  • Limited availability.

Special Projects

For those special Marketing Projects you have been putting off for months (or years), Alinea can help. From CRM optimization to rebranding to website overhaul.

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Special Projects

  • Examples include: CRM optimization and transition/implementation; full website overhaul; rebranding; revitalized corporate identity; customer intelligence projects; etc.
  • The Special Projects services can be addressed as either standalone projects or as part of our Monthly Retained Marketing Services (above).
  • Project-based fees.
  • Delivery timeframe based on project scope and scale (timeline and deliverables confirmed prior to project commencement)
  • Boards of Directors: In addition, for private companies (either with or without Private Equity ownership), Alinea Growth Advisors can be a participating member of their Board of Directors. We fit best with companies that may be facing strategic or sales and marketing challenges; branding or rebranding issues; or are without (or considering) an executive Chief Marketing Officer.

    • Services include quarterly board meeting preparation and participation, as well as availability for the inevitable emergencies that pop up from time-to-time.
    • Minimum 12-month contract.
    • Fees charged quarterly.

All services provided are managed and Overseen by Phil Curatilo, Alinea’s Founder, Principal & CMO.

Why choose us?

Benefits of our Marketing Expertise


Generate more qualified leads for your Biz Dev executives.


A Full Funnel marketing approach ensures all of your target markets stay connected with your firm.


Focus on your activities that create the most value for your firm and leave the marketing to us.


A marketing function that performs the way you always hoped.


The experience of a 25-year PE veteran for less than the cost of an Analyst.

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